Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Launched a daily painting project

I wanted to let you all know that I started a new project, "Painting a child a day". These daily paintings are done in watercolor and are posted to my google group email. I also have a Blog for it at if anyone wants to look there or follow that blog. When I have a painting that fits the themes here, or I gather time to find something that I can paint that will fit the theme here, I will post it here too.
I just launched this project April 6, so there was a lot of preparation before the launch.

I am enjoying seeing everyone's paintings and sketches here too! They are all wonderful and clever!


Linda said...

Great way to challange yourself! I've thought that I should do that but with working full time...that's not really a good excuse is it! Your work looks great--looking forward to seeing the dailys.

Edith S White said...

I would like to join
my email is

Debbie Flood said...

Thank you Linda & Edith.
Linda, Working full time IS a very real reason for not doing something like this.!! Somedays I wonder myself!LOL..but I want to be in painting shape..if I ever get an illustration job with a publisher.
Plus I'll have a lot of paintings to offer for sale..won't I !
Edith, Thank you for wanting to be on my mailing list. I have added you to the google groups. You'll get an email welcome...I think.
Talk with you on Friday when you get a new painting image! :)