Thursday, November 26, 2009

Closet Gnome

A humming, a twitter, a buzz, a noise beyond hearing emanated from the deep, dark, depth of the closet.

A puff of air, a small breath of breeze, a flicker of curtains opens a slit of light from a bright moon lit night.

Caught by a moon beam, held by a boy's clear sight, a closet Gnome stands frozen and frightened to move a minute muscle.

Perhaps unnoticed or not believed, perhaps thought to be imagined or seen as night's shadows dancing.

Hoping Mortimer the Gnome wills himself unseen to make himself invisible.

Knowing and now seeing what he knew all along his eyes locked and fixed on this creature of beyond.

The boy Felix stares gluing his eyes refusing to blink scared that his magical creature would disappear.

"You there. I see you. Yes you." And in a breath Felix and Mortimer were side by side, face to face and eye to eye.

"I know some serious magic needs to happen now or I couldn't do this." And with that Felix touches Mortimer with a eruption of faerie dust.

"I know something magical when I see it."

"It is a well known fact that Gnomes live among us unseen. This has been going on for a long, long time and we like it that way. Sometimes people will see us and do not believe it, this happens all the time. You got to be nuts to believe in little people, you need glasses. Well those are the rules and that is just the way it is. Grow up! And go back to sleep I am just a dream. Forget about it."

"Now you touching me like that was out of line. OK OK maybe I do owe you a little magic. And maybe all this Faerie dust is a dead give away."

"Caught in a moon beam; they warn you, they tell you never ever get caught in a moon beam. So I did. Big deal. Or it wouldn't be if you hadn't touched me. Now my whole world is changed. I have to... never mind. Magic is what you want and magic is what you will have."

Surrounded by white fluffy clouds flying in a toy red boat Felix steers and guides not knowing where. Mortimer wedged in the front of the boat with arms out stretched like a plane.

Mortimer; "You can not find where we are going by knowing how or by looking. There is no route in fact the more you think about it and try to find it the more it will elude you. Do not try this on your own. Just follow the Faerie dust."

Just then the clouds part and an island appears flowing in the sky.

"We're here. We're here. I'm home. I'm Home"

The Island is lush and green and thick with forest.

There is soft gentle music flowing and inviting.

As soon as they land Mortimer scrambles out and scurries into the forest followed closely by felix never leaving him out of his sight.

And so it begins....


Traci Bixby said...

Wow! Such amazing work! The night scenes are fantastic. I always find the night scenes a bit tricky. You pulled it off so well with great blues. Your character is so full of life!

theinvisiblechild said...


k.h.whitaker said...

really nice, I like the gnome very much

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

well well...
im so speechless....
these are nice, really.
Traci is right, your character is so full of life!

translucentblue said...

Wow, Dayle! These are absolutely magical! It's amazing how you could imagine these wonderful things in your mind...Bravo! (^_^)

Linda Kay said...

nice images & a wonderfully magical story...really like it. I especially love the image of the floating island.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Dayle, I'm actually speechless at this beautiful work!!! OMG!! How fabulously delicious is each scene??? Great work! Totally rocking!

Next Door To Magic said...

The gnome is fascinating. And I really like the island.